Saturday, January 16, 2010

About the Creator

The author and creator of Qorviq the Nondenominational Winter Solstice Celebration Seal has been writing comedy since an early age, the most notable work beginning in High School, with a final Senior thesis comparing Oedipus Rex to an episode of Jerry Springer.  The author then continued on to College at the University of Iowa, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Comparative Literature despite only attending 1 -2 classes... ever.  This is not at all a commentary on the curriculum, simply an illustration of the brilliance behind this amazing work of literary genius. Then began a career in "Corporate America", which brought the most recent work, a brilliant series of pictures and stories which were passed around the office for a number of years to amuse fellow coworkers.   Currently, the mastermind behind Qorviq also brings us Animals with Hitler Mustaches, in between curing both Cancer and AIDS, creating the solution to Education and Welfare reform, as well as writing the blueprint for World Peace... at least that's the plan for this weekend.    All in all one of the most creative and amazing people on the planet.

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