Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Episode 4

Today's Suggested Topics: Rugby, a Holy Water Fountain, and the Movie 'Stay Tuned' Starring John Ritter.

"Larry... how are you... wow I didn't know you were back in town... How's Linda?"

Qorviq was so surprised to see his old rugby pal. It had been years.  

Arnaaluk stood glaring. He could sense her stiffen up the second he asked about Linda, and immediately regretted the decision to even say anything at all.The boys were off playing in the holy water fountain naturally.

"Arn, could you and the boys go find us a seat, I'll be right in."

"Yeah. Come on boys, get out of there. Let's go."

The three went into the nave as the two men stood out in the atrium shaking flippers.

"God its been years Larry, I mean what have you been doing and what..."

"Look, don't think I haven't forgotten Qorviq. I'll never forget. Obviously Arn hasn't either."

"Really Larry? Look you are a brother to me, and that was so... so long ago. I mean Jesus, we were just cubs. It was college, how was I to know that...?"

"Yeah. Right. Well yes, I am back in town, Linda was offered a position and with my business running remotely it was the best decision. Look, I have to go, I just stopped by to pick up some paperwork. Linda and I are looking at all of our options right now, this town has changed alot in the past 10 years."

"Look, I gotta go. I'm sure I'll see you and Arn around town."

"Hey, OK, yeah it was nice talking to you too..."

Larry bumped into Qorviq's seal shoulder nudging him out of the way as he exited the church.

Qorviq was speechless. He knew he had to go back into church, sit down with the family and try to wrap his mind around the fact that Linda was back in town. He couldn't think though, he couldn't believe that after all this time...


<-- Something weird's in the air!

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