Sunday, January 17, 2010

Episode 5

Today's Suggested Topics: Joseph Stalin, Business Dealings Being Much Less Stressful in the Far East, and Hanging Out With a Showgirl on a Guys Trip to Vegas

Qorviq sat down in his cube. His head still reeling from his run-in with Larry yesterday, and the knowledge that Linda was back in town. It was Monday, so it was only a matter of time until his boss (pictured below) Kaulertanerpok ("makes one shiver in fear") would be stopping by to “talk”.

He had lost a fairly substantial deal last week, and with it being so close to the end of the quarter, he was nervous how this was going to affect his holiday bonus. Truly, the loss was due to misbudgeting on the part of the client, but this was America so it was naturally entirely Qorviq’s fault.
“God I really just can’t…”

“Hey Q! What’s it doing dude?”

“Oh. Hey. How are you Anguyok?”

“Dude. This weekend was sick, you don’t even know. I went to Vegas with the guys from college and we met this chick. Seriously, you should have been there man…”

“Yeah, I’m sorry I missed it…”

“Totally. Alright, see ya. Oh, Kaulertanerpok is coming down the aisle. Good luck. Sorry you lost that sale last week that blows.”

“Yeah. Thanks for mentioning that.”

Great. This was going to be bad. That sale held quite a bit of the 4th quarter revenue for their region and he couldn’t even imagine what this would mean for his yearly numbers. He really needed that bonus. It had been a real hard couple of years and with the migration last year he really thought this would be the best plan for the family to finally be settled.

Why was all this happening right now? He really did NOT need this with the holidays right around the corner.


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