Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Episode 9

Today's Suggested Topics: an El Camino, a Handicapped Parking Space, and Tom Clancy's Hunt for Red October, the movie

Qorviq pulled up to the Ice Hole and put his El Camino in park.

He had no idea what await him inside, but after 10 years he could still remember Linda.

Her eyes...

her flippers...

He couldn’t get that fateful night out of his memory, he couldn’t…

“Hey are you handicapped?”

“Excuse me?”

A young seal was rapping on his driver’s side window.

“I saiiiiid. Are. You. Handicapped!?”

“Uh no, I mean, wait... what are you talking about?”

Qorvic had no idea what this youngster was up to but he didn’t like it already.

OK, well my Grandmother is and you are parked in her spot.”

“Oh, Jesus! I’m sorry, wow, it’s been a long day, I mean, I didn’t even realize, I’m sorry let me just…”

“Yeah. Whatever Pops, just move your “car”. An El Camino? Really?”

What a little punk. Qorvic didn’t know where in the world his generation had gone wrong to raise these little heathens who speak to adults that way. And did that kid refer to him as “Pops”? So much disrespect…

Qorviq walked in through the old, wooden, double-swing doors.

And there she was, sitting alone at a high top.
She'd never looked so beautiful.  The Hunt for Red October was on the screen.

"Qorviq!! Oh my God it's really you!!"

"Shhhhhh! Linda, just a minute! Sean Connery is talking!!"

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