Sunday, May 9, 2010

Episode 24

Today's suggested topics: a Mariachi Band, Lady Antebellum, and a down comforter.

As Qorviq held his weeping Mexican roommate in a flippered embrace, he tried not to tear up, as the young immigrant wept.  Beside himself with grief, he wasn't sure what to do, having caused yet another life to be ruined... that's when he thought he heard the sweet sounds of a Mariachi Band in the distance. At first he wasn't sure, straining to hear the music over his roommate's loud sobs, however the music began getting louder, and louder...

"Aye!  Mis Amigos!  Te quiero Lady Antebellum!"

The Mariachi Band who's members consisted of Qorviq's roommate's presumed dead illegal immigrant friends who seemed to in fact be alive, were jubilantly playing the Mariachi version of Lady Antebellum's Need You Now as they marched through the streets after a night out playing, to rest their weary Mexican heads in their secret houseboat hideaway.

"Oh wow. I'm so glad they are OK!  See!?  Everything is going to be OK!"

As Qorviq and his roommate leaned out the shattered window to shout their good morning hello's and warn the musicians of the loss of their casa, Qorviq heard three loud knocks at the door.


Christ, I am sure that is just Ms. Jenkins from across the hall.  I'm surprised the blast actually woke her. 

Ms. Jenkins was Qorviq's crotchety, old, and ill-tempered next door neighbor. She was a disabled retiree who loved nothing more than to come over and hassle Qorviq every chance she got.  In this case, Qorviq supposed she had good reason, as it appeared her houseboat had been blown up as well.

He peered through the peep hole.

Oh Shit! 

Qorviq HAD to hide his roommate... and deny the knowledge of the Mariachi Band playing just outside and below his back window.  He ushered his roommate back to the bedroom.

"Silencio!  Por favor mi amigo!?"

Qorviq had really caught on to the Spanish language in the recent months, it was times like these that his new skill truly came in handy.


His roommate was so confused...

"No hay preguntas ahora! Silencio por favor!!" 

Qorviq hated to yell at the little guy like that, but this was serious.  He threw a down comforter over his roommate's body, and ran quickly to the window to usher away the Mariachi Band.

"Hey guys!  Great song!  You gotta go though.  Adios!"

Qorviq went to let the Border Patrol in, but when he opened the door...



STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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