Saturday, April 3, 2010

Episode 17

Today's Suggested Topics: a big metal door, a black Chevy Suburban, and the Mafia

The sunlight was blinding.

"You are free to go, we found our man."

"What?  Wait... what the..."

The big metal door slammed shut and Qorviq stood outside in the jail parking lot, his head reeling.

What the fuck is going on in my life... well, at least I'm not wanted for Murder anymore...

Just then a black Suburban rolled up, threw open the driver's side door, grabbed Qorviq and sped off.

Oh I just can't even believe this shit...

As his beady seal eyes adjusted to the dark interior of the SUV... he started to make out his assailants... and this was even worse than being in jail... he was SURROUNDED BY SHARK AND KILLER WHALE MAFIOSA!


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